Creative Community is a weekly gathering of creatives for six weeks of hands-on, interactive classes to learn and build skills with other like-minded people in our church community. We'll have classes ranging from guitar, filmmaking, voice, art, photography, improv, and so much more!

Mondays, Sept 13-Oct 18; 7-8:30pm | Bee Cave Campus

Ages: 14+ (unless otherwise noted, teenagers must have an adult present)


Worship Vocals

In this 6-week workshop, we will discuss the ins and outs of being a worship vocalist, as well as practical tips for leading well from the stage. Topics will include leading with others in mind, vocal basics, building harmonies, and moving beyond just singing to consider the deeper purpose and message we have the privilege to communicate from the stage.

Worship Guitar

Playing acoustic and/or electric guitar in worship is a whole thing! There are techniques, tones, chords, and other aspects that may be different from what you are used to in other settings. Come join us for this 6-week hang out where we will explore all that and more together!


Fine tune your piano skills by learning how to play effectively in a worship band! We’ll focus on playing styles, techniques, sound selections, chord structures, technology, and stage presence.

Bass Guitar

Bassists, we are the unsung heroes of our bands, masters of the art of subtlety and restraint. If nobody notices us, then we’ve done our jobs properly, so we give our glory to God and to the groove.


This course will explore techniques and strategies to help drummers and music directors execute worship services with excellence. We will discuss physical conditioning, headroom, headspace, essential terminology, and essential technology.

Worship Leading

Are you a singer or musician who wants to learn how to lead worship and take people into the throne of God. Over the 6-weeks, you will learn the fundamentals of worship leading with some of Austin Ridge's finest worship leaders.



Art for Mental Health

In this class, we will explore the powerful and therapeutic tool art offers for our emotional well-being and journey towards healing and growth. Through engaging in hands-on art activities designed to provide methods for coping and healing, deeper self-awareness, rest, creative expression, and more, we will discover refreshing, non-invasive approaches to caring for our mental health. No artistic skills or abilities are required, so even the self-appointed “artistically challenged” can participate and enjoy the class.



Interior Design Solutions

Fall back in love with your home’s decor this autumn while learning how to revamp your space with design solutions for any space. This 6-week course will help you learn how to spruce up your home in fun new ways, show you budget friendly design ideas, and teach you tips and tricks for updating your home environment. 18 yrs and up.

Gracefully Organized - Inspiring Simplicity

Join Graceful Spaces and learn how to transform the the way your home functions. Take back control of your home and reset your space with organizational systems that support your family's new goals, challenges, and priorities. Over the course of the class, co-founder Rebecka Jodeit will take you step-by-step through the process for sustainably organizing your home. It's the closest thing to having Graceful Spaces in your home doing the work with you!

Social Media Influencer

Do you want to learn how to be a social media influencer for the Kingdom of God? Then this class is for you! Join us as we unpack all the skills you’ll need to leverage your creativity and impact the world through social media. We’ll cover topics like photography, lighting, storytelling, content generation, branding, building community, marketing, and so much more.


Have fun and meet new friends while playing interactive improv games in a relaxed and safe environment. Grow in confidence and creativity while learning things you can use with your family, friends, ministry, and work. We sneak in learning in the midst of laughter! Plus, you’ll learn the foundations for performance improv, if that’s your thing.





In this class, we will cover the basics of photography and editing in Adobe Lightroom. You will learn different shooting techniques and more about your creative style. Come join us!

Storytelling Through Film

We are the stories we tell. At Austin Ridge, we seek to share how God is moving among us in Austin and around the world. One way we share God’s redemptive stories is through filmmaking. In this class, you will go behind-the-scenes with the Ridge’s film team to explore the collaborative process of bringing a story from concept to completion. You will get hands-on experience through all phases of production, learn creative tools and techniques, and discover the power of a story.



Camera Operation/Video Directing

Do you have a passion for technology and video? In this class, you will go behind-the-scenes of video production and learn how to operate cameras to facilitate the magic of our weekend services.

Stage Production

Have you ever wondered what happens behind-the-scenes of our Sunday morning services? Are you a person who loves looking at the big picture and how it comes together? Join us to learn from a theatrical Stage Manager and our own Service Producer! We will review the necessary roles and responsibilities of our volunteers and introduce you to all the production tools we use to generate a seamless service. All for His glory!

Introduction to Production Arts

If you are interested in the wonderful world of worship production (lighting, audio, video), then this is the beginner class for you. We will dive into all aspects of producing a worship service. You will get hands-on experience while making plenty of new friends.

Audio (Front of House)

This survey course will cover a high level view of the behind-the-scenes world of live sound from worship to concert tours. You’ll learn the fundamental building blocks that can be applied to any live event — large or small — and we’ll show you how these principles are put to use at Austin Ridge.