EQUIP Class: Parenting Middle & High Schoolers

Because we can’t get enough support as we parent our children, we decided to follow up the event with 3 classes in February!  Dave Brandolini, our Executive Pastor, will guide us through this 3-week parenting course, focusing on raising Christ-following middle and high school age children. Dave has two grown children and has now entered the grandparent ranks! Each week, Dave will combine his experiences as a parent with Biblical truths to guide parents toward Christ-centered parenting. Childcare is available for children 10 & under.

Bee Cave Campus:
Sundays; February 10, 24, & March 3 | 5:30-7:00pm 


EQUIP Class: Parenting from Birth - 5th Grade

As parents, we need to do everything we can to enhance our children's relationship with us, to influence their relationships with those outside the home, and most importantly, to advance their relationship with God. Jason Underhill, our Children & Family Pastor will teach this 'Parental Guidance' class. This is a 3 week study that will be a guide of practical resources to help parents ask themselves the important questions in raising kids today. Childcare is available for children 10 & under.

Bee Cave Campus: Sundays; February 10, 24, & March 3 | 5:30-7:00pm


Throughout the year, the EQUIP ministry will host classes that focus us on helping you Know Jesus, Grow in Jesus, and Serve Jesus. There are three core classes provided by the EQUIP ministry.


This class is designed for people who are new to church, those coming back after a long hiatus, or anyone just looking to learn more about the basic tenets of the Christian Faith.

The class will consist of:

  • An overview & history of Christianity
  • Who God is
  • What the Bible is
  • What Jesus did and why it matters
  • How we live for Jesus

This class is designed for anyone, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey. The class will equip with practical tools to study the bible on their own.

The class will consist of:

  • An overview of the Bible
  • How to interpret the bible
  • How to study different genres of writing in the bible
  • How to apply what the Bible says to the church and themselves

This class is for anyone who desires to learn how to engage people with the gospel and share their faith with others.

The class will consist of:

  • How to engage others in spiritual conversations
  • How to tell your own personal story
  • An easy and reproducible way of sharing the gospel message
  • And learning what to do next with someone who trusts in Jesus

You can access all past class videos and materials HERE.

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