Esther’s story is our story. What do we do when God’s unseen? Is he working in the background or did he abandon us? When life gets tough, can we really trust him? Join us this Spring as we explore the incredible story of Esther and an unseen God.

Week One

A vain, self-glorifying king. A defiant, bitter queen. Sex. Murder. Revenge. The book of Esther has it all! We kick off Week 1 of “Esther: God Unseen.”

Steven's insomnia results in Heather reacting to crazy, real-life headlines, plus a first look at the new series, "Esther: Unseen". Don't miss Heather's last (official) podcast!

Devotionals: Esther 1:10-22 + Revelation 20:11-21:4

Week Two

Sex. Betrayal. Deception. An assassination plot. This week’s edition of “Esther: God Unseen” has more drama than reality television. Join us we continue through the 2nd chapter of Esther together!


This week is alllll about the Enneagram. Steven and guest co-host Cassidy run through each type and take a stab at typing the characters we've seen so far in Esther. Do you think they're right?

Devotionals: Galatians 4:4-7 + Esther 2:19-23

Week Three

It’s VILLAIN time! In the third episode of our “Esther” God Unseen series” we meet Haman. Haman thinks he’s in charge, but the worst of villains are nothing compared to how good our God is.


Steven sits down with Cassidy for a fresh voice on marriage from within the Table. Cassidy shares what God’s taught her in her first year as a wife, and discusses a pizza place in Austin that she talks about all.the.time.

Devotionals: Esther 3:1-6 + Philippians 4:10-13

Week 3.5 Bonus Materials

Worship Night Playlist

Steven does a quick solo pod with his best attempt at kissing up to Brad, what we’ve learned 3 weeks in to our “Esther: God Unseen” series and a preview of next week’s episode, “God in the Mountains.”  

Week Four

Esther moves from passive to active in her faith, despite what it means for her circumstances. The same opportunities awaits us today.

Another special guest on the podcast this week! Ashton Hall joins Steven in the recording booth to talk about experiencing the Creator through creation and how to be friends with nature. If you love the outdoors this episode is perfect for you. If not, it's okay, you can still listen from the comfort of your couch.

Devotionals: Esther 4:13-17 + Matthew 26:36-46

Week Five

In this chapter we see Esther facing the same challenge we do today: to put off the things of the world, and put on her true identity as a child of God.

Devotionals: Esther 5:1-5Hebrews 4:14-16

Week Six

A pagan king's insomnia and a dramatic reversal are all under God's hand as we continue our "Esther: God Unseen" series. Steven covers a few reasons why we don't see God's hand and how to move forward in faith.

What happens when you put two Waco boys in the booth together? A little bit of redneck, a lot of laughs, and a few foot-in-mouth moments we had to edit out.

Missions Director, Clark Richardson, joins Steven to talk about The Table's partnership with India Gospel League through the Kingdom Come initiative.

Devotionals: Esther 6:1-10Luke 15:11-32

Week Seven

Steven and Megan recap Esther 7 from The Table this week (since we forgot to record the sermon, oops!), play a tricky game of Would You Rather, and introduce a new segment: Where in the World is Heather Moga? Plus, keep an ear out for the hidden easter egg. 

Devotionals: Esther 7:7-10Romans 5:6-11

Week Eight

Dr. Death in Esther? How did this specific chapter of the Bible lead an American doctor to become a mass murderer in Israel? And what in the world does this chapter, which also covers familiar themes of pride, love, and fear, have to do with us today? Steven covers all this and more in the penultimate sermon of our Esther: God Unseen series.

Cassidy is back in the booth with Steven this week to talk the Enneagram (no surprise there), Esther 8 and The Table's 3 core values. Plus we learn about the weird things Cassidy keeps in her trunk.

Devotionals: Exodus 3:1-12

Week Nine

Steven wraps up our “Esther: God Unseen” series with practical steps for trusting a faithful God in uncertain times.

Where in the world is Heather Moga? In the podcast booth with Steven! This week they talk two of everyone's favorite things - naps and free food. Plus, they introduce a new nations-focused small group for the summer.

Devotionals: Esther 9:20-32Matthew 5:43-48