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The purpose of Ridge Student Small Groups is to create an environment where students can GROW in their relationship with Jesus. We believe this best happens in the context of intentional, relational discipleship.

During the Fall and Spring Semesters, 9th-12th-grade students meet weekly during the evenings in homes around Austin Ridge Bible Church to GROW in their walk with Christ and build authentic accountability and community.

This ministry is designed to help students grow spiritually through three key aspects: Community, Word, and Prayer.

We strongly believe that every student should be a part of a small group. It is a great way to get plugged into the High School Ministry and to grow in your faith!

*Small Groups are not scheduled to meet in the summers.




We are always looking for Host Homes. If you have an interest in or have questions about hosting your student’s Small Group, please contact Abbey Cannon at abbey.cannon@austinridge.org or simply note interest when your student registers.



Small Group Leader Resources 


How do I join a Ridge Student Small Group?

You can register online:

Register Here!

Registration opens July 2.


When do Ridge Student Small Groups begin?

This Fall, Ridge Student Small Groups begin the week of September 9th, 2018.

2018/19 Small group schedule


Which Ridge Student Small Group will I be in?

Ridge Student Small Groups are divided by grade and gender.  


Who leads Ridge Student Small Groups?

Strong adult leaders who are seeking partnership with Austin Ridge Bible Church will lead each Ridge Student Small Group. These leaders have a passion for God and for students!


Where do Ridge Student Small Groups meet?

Ridge Student Small Groups meet in homes. If you are interested in hosting your student's group please contact Abbey Cannon at abbey.cannon@austinridge.org.


When do Ridge Student Small Group meet?

Ridge Student Small Groups meet throughout the week, typically on Sunday nights. However, some groups may meet at other times depending on the leaders availability. 


What are students committing to when they join a Ridge Student Small Group?

Students commit to pursuing the three aspects of Ridge Student Small Groups over the next school year: 

  1. Community
    1. I commit to meet with my Small Group once a week.
  2. Word
    1. I commit to studying God’s Word individually and together with my Small Group.
  3. Prayer
    1. I commit to pray with and for the members of my Small Group