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What a week. Our team is praying for you and your
family during this time as we all try to band together to get through this thing. While this is a time of prayer and concern for those who are most affected by this virus, we also have an opportunity to connect as a Church and connect to God in ways we never have before.

Many students and adults are at home or working from home and are restricted from normal social activities. I strongly believe that one of the most restrictive things to our walk with God in our culture is how we pack our schedules so tightly that it is hard to find time to walk with Jesus. Now, many of us are forced to slow down and that gives us space to focus on a few things as a family:

  • Spending quality time together. God has designed the family unit to be a place of support and investment in each other’s lives.
  • Learning what a family devotional time may look like in our homes.
  • Encouraging ourselves and our students to make a habit of reading God’s Word daily.

I should also say that this has presented a number of challenges for us a student ministry to continue to minister to your students. But after praying and meeting together yesterday, we have a strategy to keep your student connected to community. Below are some opportunities we are creating for your student to take advantage of!

We are changing up our schedule for the summer! We will have more events coming your way, so keep checking back or sign up for our MailChimp weekly email. 

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: We will end EGROUPS on May 24, for the summer. 

We are constantly working on ways to connected with your students and connect them to Church and to God without meeting in person. We will keep you posted as things develop!

We are in this thing together and we know that our God is a God who can turn chaos into beauty. He is still in the business of redeeming the most difficult of circumstances. We believed that when things were going well and we still believe now in our time of need.

Let’s do this,

John, Bradley, Ali, Bobby, Rachel, JP, and Abbey

(Ridge Students Staff Team)

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