STEP 1: Register

Registration for the 2022-2023 school year is now open to all families. Please go HERE to register. 

WAIT LIST: a wait list will be created after all spots are filled in each class during registration week. Registration week typically takes place the last week of January. Our wait list does not roll over from year to year, therefore, a new application must be submitted for each upcoming school year.

STEP 2: Forms to be completed.

Attached to the application were the forms listed below. If you were not able to submit the forms at the time of application, please download and submit them to


2022 MEDICAL FORM     POTTY TRAINING (3 year olds)


The 2-sided Medical Form must be returned with either a current shot/immunization record, an affidavit exempting from all immunizations, or an affidavit for a delayed schedule.

Please note that because we are a licensed facility, the State requires that an immunization record is acceptable provided a physician or physician’s designee has validated it. Validation includes a signature, initials, or stamp. An immunization record generated from an electronic health record must include (1) clinic contact information and (2) the provider’s signature/stamp, along with the vaccine name and vaccination date (month, day, and year).  An official record generated from a physician out of state is acceptable.  With the progression of technology and the ability to print directly from our phones, many parents provide print outs directly from their providers health portal.  However, if the printout does not include all the information as required by the State, it is not acceptable.

For families desiring an exemption from Texas immunization requirements, or who have chosen a delayed immunization schedule for their child, a signed and notarized affidavit must be submitted for each child. Affidavits are valid for two years from the date of notarization.

Please visit for information on how to apply for and obtain an affidavit.

For children with summer birthdays, please turn in your signed Medical Form before the first week of school.

Please also review the information on the FOR PARENTS page prior to your child's first day of school. 

STEP 3: Required forms for those with food allergies or a medical condition.

If your child has a diagnosed food allergy or a known medical condition, once registration has been confirmed, please fill out and submit the forms below. These forms are required, by the state, to finish enrolling your child.

For more information on SonShine Preschool's food policy, please click HERE.

(required for any child with an allergy and/or sensitivity to food that has been diagnosed by a Doctor)

(one form per medication)

To inquire about enrollment, please email