Reynosa Short-Term Trips: Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some general FAQs that apply to all of our Reynosa Short-Term Trips. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the Missions office at We hope to see you on one of our trips soon! 

What is Rio Bravo Ministries?
Austin Ridge has been taking 5-6 short-term mission trips to Reynosa, Mexico since 2012 where we serve Rio Bravo Ministries (RBM) led by Pastor, Ray Hansen. Ray and his wife, Leah, founded RBM in 1992 when the City of Reynosa donated land on a literal junkyard. Today RBM is a secure, walled compound on six acres that is home to approximately 75 children (infants through college), and is also the largest school in Reynosa with 450 students attending. For more information, please visit and

What documents are required to travel to Mexico? 
Passports (OR birth certificate and I.D.) are required to cross the border to Mexico. If unattended minors are traveling on one of our trips, we also required a minor consent to travel.

What does safety look like for this trip? How do we travel to Reynosa? 
Safety is always a concern when traveling outside of the country. Although, you immediately know you are in a different world, RBM is located five miles from the US/Mexico border, a 10-minute drive from the Anzalduis International Bridge from McAllen, TX. The RBM compound is a very nice facility with 8-foot walls surrounding the perimeter. For the majority of the time spent, we stay within the walls of the compound. We may travel outside the compound if there is an opportunity to attend a church service or visit the nearby village of Colonia. If/when we do travel outside the RBM compound, we do so during the daylight hours, with Ray Hansen, a well-respected member of the community. In the 25 years, RBM has been participating in short-term trips they have never had an incident. Additionally, we cross the border together with the Rio Bravo Ministries vans, so you have the option of driving your car across in a caravan, or leaving your car parked in the U.S. side, at the home of one of RBM directors, and be shuttled across by vans labeled as Rio Bravo Ministries.

What about the State Department's travel warning for Reynosa? 
Please note, there are a variety of warnings about traveling to Mexico including a level four travel warning for Reynosa from the U.S. State Department. These warnings are unchanging, having been the same for the past ten years. Nonetheless, we want to be certain to communicate all of the information beforehand so you are not surprised to learn later. We want you to make the best decision for your families. We do reiterate that no mission trip to RBM in the past 25 years has ever had an incident. If you have any questions, let us know, we will happily put you in touch with other who have gone before you. 

What is the cost of this trip? 
The cost for all meals, room and project materials is $400 per teen/adult, $200 per child under the age of 12, with a family maximum cost of $1,200. We do not want cost to keep anyone away - so please let us know if you will have trouble paying for your family. Refunds are not available once payment is made, thank you.