We desire for our Life Groups to be places that cultivate a heart to pursue those who do not know Jesus all around them: where they are, in the city, and around the world. Below are a combination of current opportunites that will change frequently and ongoing opportunities with Austin Ridge ministry partners. 

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Ridge Kids like to think they have the best jobs because they get to lead kids in knowing Christ and His love, and guess what? You can be a part of it, too! In fact, they need you! Sunday mornings require close to 400 volunteers to make it work! Why don't you come join in one of the most fun and rewarding groups to be a part of? 

They are looking for volunteers to be small group leaders, weekend coordinators, large group hosts or story tellers, worship leaders, or substitutes. They would love to have your help!

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Each Sunday our Worship Teams rely on a Worship Hospitality Team to provide breakfast for the hours that they are serving on Sunday mornings. Most of our Worship/Tech Teams are made up of volunteers that serve 5+ hours on Sunday mornings (not counting rehearsal hours!). So, the service that our Hospitality Teams provide is such a blessing to those volunteers. This is an easy and fun commitment that is perfect for Life Groups to do as a team! With the way our volunteer teams are set up, each team serves ONLY six times in a calendar year.

If interested in this opportunity, please email Breanna Porter at breanna.porter@austinridge.org, or click the button below.

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Mobile Loaves & Fishes’ food truck volunteers hit the streets 7 nights a week, 365 days a year to serve the homeless, delivering food, clothing, hygiene products and other life-sustaining items. They are looking for volunteers to serve as subsitutes to ensure that regular volunteers serving all year long can leave for vacation and spend time with family with the peace of mind that their MLF teams will still be able to operate without them there. Mostly this means having extra people to serve with Make Ready at 10am or to help drive or be on the Truck Team around 5pm.

If you’re willing to claim open spots or to be on call if a team falls through last minute, email lauren.atteberry@austinridge.org 
and you can get plugged in!

The mission of Foster Village™ is to come alongside children and families in the Austin area child welfare system and show them that they are not alone. Our goal is to create opportunities for the community to be a "village" of support to these vulnerable and underserved children and families.

Various volunteer opportunities include sorting and organizing donations at resource centers, providing childcare for a quarterly Foster Parents Night Out, or cooking and serving food for a monthly Foster Parent Support Gathering. 

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Due to the changing environment surrounding COVID-19, Austin Ridge has canceled or postponed many of our short-term trip opportunities for 2020. The safety and security of all our short-term missions teams is extremely important to us. If you're looking for a way to serve during this season, please refer to the COVID-19 Response page for the most up-to-date serving opportunities. We hope you will join us on an upcoming short-term trip very soon!



Where You Are 

The first of these three areas is the closest to home - where you are placed right now and the sphere of influence that the Lord has given you there. This is your home, your neighborhood, and the people that most immediately surround you.

Action Items: 

  • Meet, get to know, and pray for your neighbors and co-workers
  • Talk to your children about the Great Commission
  • Practically serve those in need; ie. people in difficult seasons
  • Prayer walk throughout your day
  • Pray the Missional Big 3 

In The City 

This area is where you work, play, go to church, and go to school. The Lord has equipped the Church to be involved in and meet the needs of the city and its people. 

Action Items: 

  • Serve with a local ministry partner 
  • Have spiritual conversations with neighbors and co-workers
  • Seek out the vulnerable in your community and humbly meet needs
  • Befriend someone from another culture
  • Connect with local internationals; meet, serve, and have meals with them
  • Visit an international, refugee, or cross cultural church in town 

Around The World

The Great Commission communicates that the Lord’s heart is for all nations to have his free gift of salvation. This means the heart of a Christ-Follower is not just for their next-door neighbor, but for all unreached people around the world.

Action Items:

Read up on Austin Ridge's local and global Missional Partners HERE.

Learn more about how to serve at the Ridge HERE