Grief Recovery for Women 

Tender Hearts is a Christ-centered ministry of encouragement, comfort, guidance, and support for women of any age who have lost a husband. 


 "I can't really put into words all of the great things that are continuing to help me to heal. Some of them are:

  • A feeling of comfort and caring, as opposed to isolation. Tender Hearts helps me feel connected. I stay more focused on the love from our Savior and my friends!
  • Somewhere to share my stories, grief, and happiness, too. Victories that no one understands except a widow. 
  • Help in traveling a new journey and not looking back so much. 
  • Strength from God and friends to go on that new path in life. I feel often like I passed the fork in the road, and then put the car in reverse. Tender Hearts helps me to keep moving forward.
  • A wonderful group of ladies that love a life following scripture!

I am forever going to remember the group and want to stay connected and continue to grow."  

Dripping Springs group (meets 1st and 3rd Monday) | DS, Private Home

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Bee Cave & Southwest  | Contact us for details
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