In the Fall of 2015, Austin Ridge helped establish a Child Development Program through Pader Community Church and ARM. There are currently 300+ children who are now attending school, receiving financial assistance for educational expenses, spiritual mentoring, leadership training, and medical attention. This sponsorship program is the first step in giving each child the momentum to become healthy, faith filled, and a next-generation leader. 

Our prayer is sponsors would continue their chosen monthly support, of either $40 or $50, until their sponsored child finishes high school. At times, that isn't possible, and in that case, Austin Ridge works to match that child with a new sponsor from ARBC wait list. 

Please complete the sponsor interest form below.  Right now we have children waiting to be sponsored!  Thank you for your interest!

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PCC - Phase 1 Dedication Video

Northern Uganda has experienced great turmoil and war as a result of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), led by Joseph Kony. This war originally broke out because of ethnic differences and is the result of Kony's attempt to keep Northern Uganda "pure" Acholi (the predominant tribe in the north). He is accused of abducting children and enlisting them as child soldiers and sex slaves. Northern Uganda was hit hard by the LRA and their brutality. As a result, many of those who live in Pader have terrifying memories of growing up during this time of war. 

Pader is located in northern Uganda, out in "the bush" and sprang up in the year 2000 as a center for foreign relief agencies attempting to assist the surrounding population. Because of things like corruption, poor planning and implementation, lack of follow-up, and little accountability, there is very little to show for the effort put into helping the people of Pader.

Pader Community Church was established in the summer of 2012, birthed out of a heart to expand the presence of Africa Renewal Ministries in war-torn northern Uganda. Pader was a strategic location because it is the largest metropolitan area in its district and was also heavily affected by the war. 

Interested in serving on a short-term trip to Pader? Check out our short-term trips page here.