Unfriended and is an expanded look at our 3rd Core Value: Community of Friends. During this series we unlearn some myths about true friendship and learn how to be the friends to one another that God has called us to be.

Week 1: Befriending God

Austin, we have a problem…a friend problem. Steven kicks off our new “unfriended” series with the words of Jesus. Watch week ones sermon HERE.

Listen to the pocast episode HERE

Week 2: Myths of Modern Friendship

In week two, Steven breaks down some of the myths of modern friendship. Watch week two HERE

Listen to the pocast episode HERE

Week 3: Friends Closer Than Family

What does is look like for friends to be closer than family? 

Listen to the pocast episode HERE.  

Week 4: Group Bible Study

In our final Group Bible Study of the year we ask the question, “Who are you  befriending?” You can access the material HERE.

Week 5: When Friends Are Flaky

What do you do when friends are flaky? Did you know the apostle Paul had to wrestle with this question? When is it okay to step away from a friendship? How can we leave the door open to future relationship? We cover these questions and more in the final sermon in our unfriended series. Watch the final week HERE.

Listen to the pocast episode HERE.