Bee Cave: MEN Romans Study


February 14, 2020

6:30 AM - 7:30 AM


Austin Ridge Bible Church, Bee Cave


Men's Ministry

Phone: 5122637701


True Freedom- A Study in the Book of Romans

 Come join other men at the Ridge as we dive into the Book of Romans this Spring. Whether you are new to God’s word, or have been studying it for years, Romans will be a rich book for every man in attendance. For thousands of years trusted Christian theologians and teachers have seen the Book of Romans as one of THE core foundational books of the New Testament. Come find out why! If you travel a good bit, please sign up and join us when you’re in town. 

Strong Statements about the Book of Romans:

Martin Luther praised Romans: “It is the chief part of the New Testament and the perfect gospel . . . the absolute epitome of the gospel.”

Samuel Coleridge, English poet and literary critic said Paul’s letter to the Romans is “The most profound work in existence.”

Richard Lenski wrote that the Book of Romans is “beyond question the most dynamic of all New Testament letters even as it was written at the climax of Paul’s apostolic career.”

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