We are committed to being a church that reflects the passion of God. God loved us so much that He pursued us and gave His own Son, so that our sins might be forgiven and we could know Him. God gave us the Bible, so we can grow in our knowledge of who He is and know how we are to follow Him.  Jesus was a servant who calls us to serve others and make a spiritual difference in the world. In light of these truths, our mission at Austin Ridge is to "pursue people at all cost, so they can KNOW Jesus, GROW in Him, and SERVE him daily.” 



Core beliefs at the Austin Ridge center on the world-view, faith, and understanding fundamental to true, biblical Christianity. We respect and love those who may disagree or add to these statements, but here is the list of doctrines we ask each partner to confirm and uphold in faith and life:

The Bible is the inspired Word of God, entirely trustworthy and the final authority for all of faith and life.
There is one God, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God. While living on earth, Jesus was both fully man and fully God. 
People were created in the image of God, but fell out of relationship with God through sin and became separated from God.
Jesus Christ died on a cross as a substitute for us and paid the price we humans deserve because of our sin.
Jesus destroyed death by rising from the dead. By faith in Him, we are both saved from the penalty of our sin and given the promise of eternal life.
Jesus will return and establish His kingdom in all the world, making all things new.



Our church's core values serve as a description of what we believe the Bible calls us to be and do as followers of Jesus. The people of Austin Ridge are committed to living out the following values daily:


We enter into relationship with God by accepting and acknowledging who Jesus is, which sheds light on who we are. We are sinners. Jesus is the Savior. We are creatures. Jesus is the creator. We are lost. Jesus is the finder and leader. As a result, we move from a self-centered life to a Christ-centered life.

Led by God's Word

God uses his Word to transform lives through the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we live under the Bible's authority and counsel.

In Authentic Relationships

Christians love one another. We serve one another. We pursue peace with one another. We honor one another. We bear one another's burdens. We forgive one another.


Jesus calls those who seek the kingdom of God to pursue God in prayer. Prayer is the means for intimacy with God and the vehicle for direction and provision from God.

Living Generously

We believe that following Jesus compels people to give generously of themselves: their time, energy, and resources toward building the kingdom of God.


Jesus Followers are actively involved in helping others know Jesus as Lord and Savior. Since we have experienced God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus, we seek to share His message of hope outside the walls of our church to those who need Him. 


Our aim as Christ-followers is to multiply: inspire others to grow into lifelong learners and followers of Jesus and equip them to go out and do same.