Tuesdays, beginning August 27; 6:30pm | Bldg A-208, Bee Cave

Summer is over and the kids are back in school. Got a summer vacation financial hangover? Get a jump start on your finances before the holidays creep up on you. If you want to be free of debt, learn how to budget, and find financial freedom so you can live and give with joy, then this nine-week class is for you! Learn Dave's financial PEACE principals during the Austin Ridge Fall FPU class and receive accountability and encouragement with local group, necessary materials to win on your journey, 1 year of free access to tools that work the plan with you (including EveryDollar Plus, a $99 value), and more!

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Sundays, Sept 8 & 15; 9-10:15am (Part I) | Bldg D-301, Bee Cave

Tuesdays, Sept 17-Oct 22; 6:30-7:45pm (Part II)  | Bldg D-301, Bee Cave

This Christ-centered, self-reflective, and relationally-focused marriage class explores the elements of God’s design for marriage. Lessons will consist of instructional content, self-reflective questions, processing responses with your spouse, and sharing your story with other couples. Cost: $40 per couple for materials. Childcare is available.

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Sundays, Sept 15 & 24; 9am (Part I) | Bldg A-301, Bee Cave

Tuesdays, Sept 24-Oct 29; 6:30pm (Part II) | Bldg C, Bee Cave

Did you know God has a BIGGER story for your family? If you have children at home of any age, come join us on Sundays, where we'll focus on Deuteronomy 6:4-12 and provide a framework for establishing your family’s values and mission. If you parent children ages birth-preschool or elementary-aged kids, we have follow-up classes specifically for you on Tuesday nights, where we'll dive deeper into the details of parenting these age groups, plus give you practical tools for living out your family mission. Childcare is available.

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Sundays, Sept 15 & 22; 11-12:15pm | D-301, Bee Cave 

This two-week class is designed to help people know who God is, what Jesus has done for them, and how to live for Him. It is for anyone who wants to understand the foundational elements of our faith and what it means to be a Jesus Follower. Childcare is available with Ridge Kids.

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Tuesdays, Sept 24-Oct 22; 6:30pm | Bldg A-112, Bee Cave

Do faith and science contradict? How do we reconcile what we know through faith with what we’ve learned through science? How do we talk with Christians and non-Christians with differing interpretations of the information available to us through faith and science? This is a great opportunity to learn from thoughtful Christian teachers who are also science professionals. Dialogue openly about your doubts and struggles. Learn how our faith is actually strengthened when we understand how science and technology fully supports biblical faith. Childcare is available.

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Sundays, Sept 29 & Oct 6; 11-12:15pm | Bldg D-301, Bee Cave

If you're new to reading the Bible or feel lost when studying Scripture on your own, we can help! EQUIP: Studying Your Bible is a two-week class that provides tips and tools that will help you gain a better understanding of God's Word and how to apply Scripture to your life.

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Sundays, Oct 20 & 27; 11-12:15pm | Bldg D-301, Bee Cave

This is an intensive class for couples seriously dating and moving towards engagement and marriage. Learn what a Christ-centered relationship and marriage look like as you consider a lifelong commitment to one another. Couples are invited to meet with a Care Pastor to discuss their relationship and seek guidance or counsel.

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Sundays, Oct 27 & Nov 3; 5:30-7pm | Bldg C, Bee Cave

Have you noticed how often God sends us people who do not yet have a relationship with Jesus? The gospel was never meant to stop with us, yet many of us struggle with how to share our faith. This class will encourage and EQUIP you with the tools to confidently share your faith with others. Childcare is available.

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