Recent events surrounding the racial tensions in our country and the COVID pandemic remind us that we live in a broken world. We are desperately in need of the Lord’s wisdom, intervention, and healing. Our hearts break, and we are also angered by what we see in the news, what is happening to our neighbors, and how these things affect our families.
As a church led by God’s Word, we let it form and shape our response to these events. All Christ-followers are commissioned by God to live as salt and light in the world. This means we prayerfully live out what we believe from Scripture in all facets of our culture. As Austin Ridge leadership, we believe that injustice against any community, particularly the Black community, is wrong and an issue that needs addressing. It is one that has often been neglected by the church historically. Therefore, in response to this injustice, we must intentionally pray through and live out what we believe to be true as followers of Christ.
We desire to be obedient to the Lord and represent His heart for justice. Working against injustice for the Black community in no way minimizes our support and gratitude for those practicing fair and ethical law enforcement. It doesn’t diminish our desire for compassionate care and engagement in the immigrant Latino and Muslim communities. All of these things can live together in proper balance and practice as we reflect Christ’s kingdom values.
Throughout His Word, God has called His people to identify, repent, and resist oppression and injustice against His image-bearers (Isaiah 1:16-17, Micah 6:8, Matthew 23:23). Therefore, when we see injustice around us, we have a responsibility to respond in obedience to the Lord and thus more fully represent His heart for justice.