Who is India Gospel League (IGL)? 

IGL is an indigenous, Bible-centered organization that is committed to sharing the love of Jesus while also bringing sustainable transformation to rural villages. They partner with individuals and churches like Austin Ridge to bring about change in thousands of villages around South Asia. The organization emphasizes development, rather than relief, and leads with the Gospel in caring for children, the poor, and the sick in rural villages. 

The Austin Ridge/IGL Partnership 

Ridge Missions has partnered with IGL to plant hope in 645 villages over 5 years in a region of South Asia.  

What Do We Mean By Planting Hope?

Over the next 5 years, IGL and Austin Ridge together will create sustainable, practical solutions within each of these villages such as, health awareness & medical programs, child care & tutoring, vocational training, village infrastructure such as life centers and water well projects, as well as low-cost housing for local families.

Support and training will also be provided to equip men, women, youth, and children of this region. We are providing financial resources and giving prayer support to IGL as they share the love of Christ through serving the people of this region. 

How Does IGL Bring Sustainable Transformation to Rural Villages? 

With most leadership coming from South Asia, IGL has a North American group that exists to serve, support, and pray for those in the field. With over 85 leaders currently in this region, IGL staff, volunteers, and leadership will work hard to:  


While most of us will never serve directly in the field office, we still have a key role to play in our partnership with IGL - prayer.  IGL is dependent upon prayer as an important foundation of their organization and ministry. Prayer is also a foundational component of our faith in Christ. Our prayers for the church leaders, men, women, children, sick, and poor of South Asia are crucial in creating sustainable change. Below you will find some current prayer requests from our partner offices in South Asia.

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Click here for current prayer requests from our partner office in South Asia.


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