It can be hard to make sense of all the messages we are hearing on social media, the news, or even in conversations with those we love and trust. While this list is by no means exhaustive, we hope it provides you with some answers and perspectives from resources we find trustworthy and helpful. None of these resources are perfect or meant to be viewed as the only or final answer to any of these questions but will hopefully provide a good starting point for you to learn and grow in your understanding of this important reality.


An excellent explanation of biblical justice and how the Scriptures address this aspect of God’s character, as well as his expectations for his people to be just:

Bible Project video on “Justice” (video)


Start the process of “listen and learn” with Ridge leadership and partners:

“Listening and Learning” podcasts from Austin Ridge EQUIP ministry


Understand what racism is and how it’s addressed in Scripture (article):

“10 Reasons Racism is Sin” by Kevin DeYoung


Understanding systemic racism:

“Structural Racism” by John Piper (article)

“Systemic Racism” by Tony Evans (video)


How to engage in the racial conversation as a Christ Follower:

Practical Ways to Pursue Racial Reconciliation” by Bryan Loritts (video)

“Where Do We Go from Here?” from IF:Gathering (podcast)


Other helpful resources:

 “But I Wasn’t There” by Josh Fenska (article)

What's One Thing You Wish White Evangelicals Knew About Racial Reconciliation?” by Thabiti Anyabwile (video)


Resources for Parents of Young Children

Books for Children Ages Toddler-Preschool:

Books for Children Ages Kindergarten-Elementary

Articles for Parents Talking to Kids about Racism

Other Helpful Resources for Parents