We are convinced that our relationship with God is the most important part of our lives. And we believe that our relationship with God is what makes us a Christian. Christianity is not a religion to us – a set of rules, responsibilities, duties, do’s and don’ts. To be a Christian is to be in relationship with God, the maker of heaven and earth. We can know him and be known by him.

The decision we have to relate to God, to be in relationship to him, is one of the most important decisions of your life. The following study is an exploration of what it means for us to enter a relationship to God that leads to salvation or new life with Christ.

God’s greatest desire is for you to know him and to be confident that your salvation and eternal destiny is secure. If you are not sure about your relationship with God or if you have not experienced the saving love of God, the following material will help you understand how you can be sure. Click the button below to read more about knowing Jesus. 


How to Know Jesus

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Relationship With God