Often times God will send his workers to plant seeds long before they take root and grow. For Micha Hill, God used a 6th grade reading tutor to plant a special seed nearly 30 years ago.

Prior to Micha’s entering middle school, his mom had noticed a delay in Micha’s reading development and enrolled him in classes over summer break. At the program’s end, Micha’s tutor, Bob Coulsey, gifted the 6th grader with a Bible. Micha placed the Bible on a bedroom shelf, where it remained untouched for over 28 years.



Fast forward nearly three decades. Micha had an established career, was married to the woman of his dreams, and had welcomed three beautiful daughters into his world. Micha had a heart for God, but could not claim an active relationship. His family began attending Austin Ridge. They eventually joined, and soon after, Micha decided to enroll in a Bible study.

Quite simply, Micha fell in love with God. He devoured his Word and sought to understand God’s truths.



One day, Micha’s father handed him a gift. He unwrapped the package to find an old Bible. “Cool,” he thought, and turning to the title page, discovered an inscription in handwriting he didn’t recognize. Micha read:

"I pray these things for you: God's richest blessings upon your life, and that you would know and experience His love in your life."

In Christ’s love, Bob Coulsey, Proverbs 3:5&6

The inscription was dated August 1989. Micha realized that this was the Bible given to him by his 6th grade reading tutor, Bob Coulsey. The tutor’s prayer for the young boy to know Christ’s richest blessings and love had been fulfilled. God used Bob as a seed to produce rich spiritual fruit in Micha’s life. 



While readying for bed later that evening, Micha felt the Holy Spirit urging him to reach out to Bob.

“Call him.”

The next day Micha called Bob Coulsey, a man he had not seen or spoken to in 28 years. Micah shared how God had answered Bob’s long-ago prayer for that 6th grade boy, and that Micha was now living in intimate relationship with Jesus. Throughout Micha’s story, Bob’s only comment was, “Praise God,” repeated in a stoic, seemingly disinterested voice. However, just as Micha was hanging up the phone, he heard the elderly man let out a hoop and a holler!

God used a tutor and a 6th grader’s reading development delay to plant seeds of love and redemption. How might he be using you to help orchestrate salvation in the life of another? 

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