Thursdays | 8:45 - 10:30AM |  Zoom 

If you are out of work, under-worked, over-worked or otherwise looking for a change in careers, come visit us. During weekly Zoom calls, the first hour features a speaker who talks about a key aspect of the search process, and the remaining time is an open forum where we talk about ways to utilize what the speaker shared and have group interaction on what each person is looking for and needs. This interaction time becomes a valuable networking tool.

We have partnered with Job Seekers Network (JSN), which provides a wealth of training and support so we can help connect people to the services they need.  Join us every Thursday so we can get to know you and assist you in your search.

Thursday mornings are designed to do four main things:

  • Give practical tools for the job search
  • Encourage attendees during an uncertain season
  • Create space for effective networking
  • Provide weekly accountability and support

Please register and we will send you the link to join our weekly Zoom calls. REGISTER HERE

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