Austin Ridge desires to be a church that is dedicated to serving the vulnerable in our city through the mobilization of our church body towards foster care. Currently, there are 1,400+ children in foster care within Travis, Williamson, and Hays counties, and the Church has a vital role to play through supporting roles and as licensed foster parents.

We seek to:

  • Create awareness within our church about the needs and challenges surrounding foster care.
  • Assist families in exploring and uncovering motivations and expectations in caring for children from hard places.
  • Show our church body how their family and home can tangibly serve the vulnerable.
  • Ensure our foster families are known and connected to 'supporting roles' within our church body.
  • Connect parents, church staff, and volunteers to trainings on the topic of caring for children from hard places.
  • Be the bridge to vulnerable children and their families by providing the opportunity for the bio family to experience the support of a biblical community connected to the local church.

Foster care and adoption are both beautiful and biblical expressions of God caring for the vulnerable, but they are different and should be entered into with discernment alongside biblical community.

In order to effectively engage in this work in our city, we want to 1) learn who is currently fostering in the church, 2) provide more information, and 3) give you tangible opportunities and next steps to get involved.

Please take the next few minutes to fill out the appropriate assessment below based on which area best describes you:

Foster Care: Currently Fostering Foster Care: Learn More Foster Care: Supporting Roles

December 11, 2021; 5-8pm

Foster parents, you deserve a day off! We are hosting a fun-filled evening for your kiddos, so you can enjoy a few hours of kidless freedom. Space is limited so, claim your spot early! We are also in need of volunteers to help with childcare. Please click on the links below to register for the event or to volunteer. 

Register Here.

If you'd like to volunteer, sign up here.