Table Serve Opportunities

At The Table

We need TONS of awesome people to make the Table happen. Greeters, New Here station, coffee station, tech booth, general set-up/tear-down, food picker-uppers, etc. Sign up HERE to help.


At Austin Ridge

Ridge Kids – Sunday morning opportunities during both services. You’re already here! Email Jason Underhill: 

The Point (Middle School) – Sunday morning and Thursday night opportunities. Email Bradley Brittain:

The Heights (High School) – Sunday morning and Wednesday night opportunities. Email John MacTaggart: 

Parking Team – join a super friendly team of people in dope vests who make people feel welcome as soon as their tires roll into Austin Ridge! Sunday opportunities during both services. Email Breanna Porter: 


Gospel Conversations 

Find a friend that doesn’t know Jesus and buy them dinner! Ask them what their faith life looks like. Tell the you care about them and appreciate their presence and friendship in your life. Tell them Jesus is the most important thing in your life and if they don’t yet believe, ask them what obstacles they have to faith. You’d be SHOCKED how open people are to this conversation, especially in Austin.


Questions? Email Steven and Laura - we would love to help!