Below is the table of contents for the D-group curriculum. Some topics may take more than one week to complete due to amount of material covered or for your group discussion. Some weeks are geared towards systematic theology, some towards inductive bible study, and some are a series of exercises. We attempted to provide variety but to take an approach that works best for the given topic, such as:

We have also provided links for a few sample weeks below.

Starting Your Group

  1. Welcome to Your D-group
  2. Getting to Know Each Other
  3. How to Study the Bible
  4. Overview of the Bible

Section 1: Who God Is

  1. Character of God
  2. How God Reveals Himself
  3. The Trinity
  4. Seeing God Clearly
  5. Trusting God

Section 2: What Jesus Did for Us

  1. The Fall and Sin
  2. Sin and Temptation
  3. The Work of Jesus
  4. By Grace, Through Faith
  5. Freed Us
  6. Gave Us an Example

Sections 3: Who We Are in Jesus

  1. Results of Salvation
  2. In Christ
  3. Spirit-Filled
  4. Spirit-Led
  5. Spiritually Gifted

Section 4: How We Life for Jesus

  1. Abide in Christ 
  2. Love One Another
  3. Make a Spiritual Difference
  4. The Great Commission
  5. Make Disciples

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